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Interactive agency that specializes in delivering award-winning creative, advanced global strategies and complex software development across multiple marketing channels.


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R/GA, formerly R/Greenberg Associates, based in New York City, is an advertising agency which specializes in servicing a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies and world-class brands and franchises. Founded in 1977 by the brothers Richard and Robert Greenberg, R/GA, as the company is now known, blends effective strategies and in-depth technologies to deliver optimized communications across multiple channels. The firm, part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, integrates narrowband, broadband and wireless technologies, even as it continues its tradition of embracing the importance of creative excellence and innovative technology solutions.

Under the leadership of Robert Greenberg, the company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer, R/Greenberg blossomed from an organization specializing in producing materials for print, broadcast television and theatrical motion pictures into the interactive and digital design space.

The original vision of the Greenberg brothers was to create a company that valued design, while focusing on developing leading edge motion graphics and live-action motion picture and video production. R/GA's Computer-Assisted Filmmaking Division created linear projects which told definite stories. Their first efforts consisted largely of television commercials, but ultimately expanded to producing movie trailers and related promotional materials for such feature films as Superman (1978); All That Jazz (1979); and Altered States (1980); as well as the title sequences and visual bumpers for Xanadu (1980), and Flash Gordon (1980). The Greenbergs' pioneering achievements in computer-assisted filmmaking earned their company a technical Academy Award.

Ultimately, Bob Greenberg utilized a similar model system to transition a completely integrated Digital Studio. R/GA was the first company to assemble, all under one roof, the disparate realms of print advertising, television commercials and motion picture trailers. Among the ground-breaking visual effects projects R/GA has created are breathtaking sequences for such film as Alien (1979), Predator (1987), Seven (1995), The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) and Zelig (1981). In all, to date, R/GA has developed opticals and visual effects for over 500 feature films, and has produced over 6000 commercials.

R/GA has since launched a third unit, a third-model, multi-platform interactive ad agency, dedicated to working with database-driven information and multi-channel e-businesses. For the first time, again under a single roof, non-linear executions of communications, entertainment and marketing are assembled into a single production facility, replacing the need for separate companies to develop their own technology, gaming, digital design, production, advertising and marketing. Among R/GA's clients in this aspect of their operations: Avaya, Bank of America, Circuit City, Johnson & Johnson, Lowe's, Nokia, Nike, Purina, Reuters, Subaru, Target Stores and Verizon.


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