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SML Wiki = See-ming Lee + Wiki

I started this site originally to record my many definition of words, after realizing that my interpretation of language can be vastly different than others. It had grown into a notebook at some point, but blogging became easier and I set up accounts with Blogger instead. Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to the wonderful world of Yahoo Pipes, from which point I realized that much of how I know about the world can possibly be summarized as everything that went through me, and so I started collecting and storing my own data (SML Data. Eventually the goal for all these uber projects is to grown into an AI-driven content portal for personal information discovery spanning a lifetime… well that's the idea anyhow. // more later // SML

The wiki is a place to store information that is still taking its form. Structured SML Data are hosted on a multitude of user-generated sites, like Flickr for photography management, librarything for book collection management, etc. Since most fo the services that I use can be accessed via API, tying them altogether becomes the really fun part.

  • Visit SML Network for a list of content and social networks that I belong to.
  • Networks which generate steady content are bundled together as SML Blogs.
  • There's a Google Apps portal called SML Universe which aggregate all my content until the my new portal is up.
  • Oh and there's a SML Notebook section with scans of my notes. I put them on Flickr and by means of interestingness people helped me find the best stuff. thank you!
  • … since you guys have been so great, there's SML Thank You just for you :)

As for the logo, it has to do with my initials, my campaign for personal branding, and my lifelong pursuit of synergy.

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